• Wholesale/Retail Barcode Technology and POP IT Interface

We provide the Wholesale/Retail clients with the tools and processes that they need to optimise stock holding, inventory tracking and control costs. A stock control system can be used as a point of sale system integrated with a barcode scanner. Each stock item is categorised into classes and sub-classes, thus the client can keep detailed track of stock including product names, codes, descriptions, categories, sub-categories, quantities, re-order levels, cost prices, currencies, wholesale prices, export retail prices, profit margins, etc.

  • Point of Purchase Solution

With the properly matched software and hardware, the client’s business can improve sales through better and expanded customer services like couponing and loyalty programs with associated benefits such as accuracy, speed and visibility.

Quick and Simple Checkouts

With support for barcode scanning and payment terminals, the less time your staff is behind the register, thus, having more time to help your customers.

Immediate Inventory Information

Accurate inventory data that allows stock to be kept at optimum levels.


The real value of a POP system is that it tells you about company’s sales and customers.

Automated Purchasing

Integration with the accounting software to generate purchase orders immediately when needed.

  • Training

We offer training in desktop applications including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe applications, and Administrative systems to Staff and Management.

Teacher/Educator Computer Skills Training


Organisation IT System Analysis

  • Cloud Servers (You are Covered in the Cloud)

We customise the deployment of the Cloud Server for the business entities to eliminate the need for costly servers and data storage devices. The benefit of the Cloud Server is the elimination of upfront burdensome huge capital outlay on servers for data storage and retrieval. The added advantage is secure and available up-to-date stored back-up data in case of hardware loss due to either theft or fire or any disaster.

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